Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 365

My children were each exposed to my love of photography. As they grew I gave them cameras. I tried to get them interested in taking photos and working in the darkroom. They were polite and nodded at the proper times as I explained the majic of the darkroom. For Meghan and Andrew, I could tell there was not the excitment that I felt when taking photos and as I attemped to make the "perfect print". 

It was Katie who caught the bug. From the moment she took her first photos with me on the back roads of Iowa she was hooked.  She has a feel for what makes a good photograph that can not be taught. I love her use of color, contrast and perspective. She has developed a style of composition that I wish I had. In many ways, she is a much better photographer that her father. You can use this link to visit her Bird's Eye View Photography  web site to see what I mean.

The other day, Katie told me about her new project. Project 365. It's easy... simply pledge to take and post at least one photo every day for a year. My photography has gone in fits and starts. When I was traveling, this last fall, I took so many photos, it was easy to post all the time. Recently I have had long gaps in both taking and posting my work.
I have decided to take Katie's challenge and take and post at least one photo every day for a year. 

It has been really dry this fall and winter in Kansas. We have had litlle rain and no snow.  While in the Kansas City area today I past an interesting looking rustic fence and al though it was cold and windy, I stopped to take a few shots. 


kbreints said...

YAY!! I am so glad that you are going to do this with me!

Thank you daddy for giving me my love of photography-- and for such wonderful compliments :)

You caught some GREAT sunburts in these shots and you always seem to find such great locations :)

Danelle said...

Stopping by from your daughter's blog. These are beautiful shots. And I really love the milkweed in the post below. I did a Project 365 last year and am doing it again (in case you wonder if I enjoyed it or not). Good luck!