Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oklahoma Thunderstorm

I have been on the road for two days, Kansas City, KS, Bentonville, AR, Tulsa, OK and back to Wichita. Coming back through Oklahoma I like to take back roads because it's easier to stop and take some shots without having to worry about traffic. It was 109 F as I came through Tulsa and the traffic was backed up due to road work. Three lanes down to one. I bet it took an hour to get through Tulsa. Once past the roadwork and on the Cimmeron turnpike I started thinking about taking CR 110 north. This time of year the tall grass grows really high along the fences.

I noticed a really cool crossroad. Litterally "X-Road"

Looks like a storm moving in.

Oh Yeah... I'd say so!

I have no idea what this was but it made a great shot.

and the temperature dropped 20 degrees.

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kbreints said...

LOVE these! thunderstorms are ome of my favorite to capture. You got some amazing pictures...So jealous of the lightning picture!! JUST AWESOME.