Friday, May 1, 2009

Nowhere, Kansas...

I was on my way to photograph the wind farm that is in a previous post. It was a couple mile drive down a sandy road in the middle of Nowhere, Kansas.
(That’s the area between I-70 and the Nebraska border.)

To the right, I caught a glimpse of an old homestead with falling down limestone and stucco walls so I had to go take some shots of it.

The area was not posted, so I started walking… got a few shots of the house with the really unique wall and doorway. Then I saw an old wrecked Chevy under a tree… I was making my way to it when I heard a bark… a deep bark.
A head was bobbing up over a fence to look at me… the last thing I saw was a dog with a head the size of a bear squeezing under the fence. I could hear it getting closer all the way to the car, but I did not stop to look. My legs and lungs have not had to move that quickly for a while.

Sometimes you are grateful for the shots you did not get to take.

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kbreints said...

OMG Dad that is to funny! I am glad that you are ok.... !! The pictures of the house are cool though!